Help with making a complaint

If you are thinking about making a complaint of discrimination or other unlawful conduct you may contact us to speak to us about your situation and how to make your complaint.

We are not allowed to give you legal advice, but we can help you to write your complaint and can tell you about the process for dealing with your complaint.

Legal services

Do I need to be represented by a lawyer or advocate?

No. One of the aims of the Act is for people to be able to have discrimination and other unlawful conduct dealt with without needing legal representation.

Should I seek legal advice?

Sometimes, but not always, you may need to get legal advice. Legal representatives and/or advocates can provide independent advice about:

  • Preparing a complaint
  • Responding to a complaint
  • Options for how to deal with your situation, for example, sometimes your concerns may be better dealt with under another law or process
  • The strengths and weaknesses of your complaint
  • Ways your complaint might be resolved

For more information see Advocacy services page.