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Equal Opportunity Tasmania seeks to work closely with the Tasmanian community in fostering a society free of discrimination, prejudice, bias and prohibited conduct.

Its guiding principle is:

Celebrating difference - Embracing equality


The Anti-Discrimination Commissioner and her staff seeks to act in accordance with the following values:

  • high standards of professional service delivery;
  • building and fostering relationships with key stakeholders;
  • ensuring equity: fair and just treatment and seeking fair and just outcomes in complaint-handling processes;
  • impartiality;
  • encouraging and affirming participation at all levels;
  • maximising the potential of individual employees; and
  • encouraging and supporting staff development and multi-skilling.

Aim and principles

The Anti-Discrimination Commissioner and her staff envisages a Tasmanian community that recognises that all people are entitled to respect, dignity and appreciation for their contributions and in which all are honoured for their diverse abilities and strengths.

The work and practice of Equal Opportunity Tasmania is founded in principles of fairness, recognition, co-operation, cultural diversity, awareness and continued service to the community.  The Anti-Discrimination Commissioner and her staff members continue to provide leadership in the application of these principles.

Name change

Our name has changed!

The Office of the Anti-Discrimination Commissioner has a new name.

From 10 November 2015 we will be known as Equal Opportunity Tasmania.

The new name

  • better reflects the scope of the work undertaken by the Commissioner’s office;
  • encourages public awareness of functions beyond those related to complaints; and
  • communicates a broader role in promoting practices that promote equality of opportunity and inclusion.

The new name does not change the functions of the Anti-Discrimination Commissioner or the work of the office.

There will be no impact upon complaints already going through a complaint process.

For further information about this change, you can contact Equal Opportunity Tasmania as below.

Note our updated contact information.

Racism. It stops with me

Racism. It stops with me

Campaign pledge

Campaign pledge event on 10 December 2014 with Tasmania Police, Ambulance Tasmania, the Tasmania Fire Service and the State Emergency Service supporting and endorsing the signing of the national agreement. Pictured (L to R) Federal Race Discrimination Commissioner, Dr Tim Soutphommasane, Tasmania Police Commissioner Darren Hine, Tasmania Fire Service Chief Officer Mike Brown, Ambulance Tasmania Chief Executive Officer Dominic Morgan, Robin Banks, Anti-Discrimination Commissioner and SES Acting Director Andrea Heath.

Racism. It stops with me (RISWM)

RISWM is a campaign which invites all Australians to reflect on what they can do to counter racism wherever it happens. Sign up to support the RISWM campaign as an individual or as an organisation.