School student talks

The training team at Equal Opportunity Tasmania works co-operatively with schools, colleges and other educational institutions to provide a range of FREE information sessions. Presentations to students on issues relating to discrimination, harassment and bullying can assist schools to develop their capacity to:

  • accept and embrace diversity
  • celebrate and respect differences
  • promote non-discriminatory practices
  • empower those groups who are most likely to experience discrimination, harassment and bullying

Our talks are designed for students from Grade 4 upwards. We can work with the school to design programs using Kahoot that are age appropriate and engaging for students. For higher grade levels we can tailor the sessions for your school / college.

Topics covered in sessions depending on the grade level of students are:

  • Diversity
  • Stereotypes – prejudice - discrimination
  • Types of bullying including cyber-bullying
  • Bystanders behaviour
  • What to do if it happens to you or you see it
  • Equal Opportunity Tasmania and the Anti-Discrimination Act 1998
  • Victimisation, inciting hatred and sexual harassment
  • Discrimination in employment
  • Rights and responsibilities

Feedback from Schools

“This talk was a wonderful way to engage students and explore the concept of treating people fairly.  It fitted perfectly within our social and emotional learning program and enabled the students to hear from another organisation in our community.  The message was meaningful and had a practical component as the students had to decide what they would do as their act of kindness to others.  One week after the talks the presenter returned and the children made connections with their learning as they shared with each other the ways they had shown kindness to others.”

Fran Bearman, Acting Principal
John Paul II Catholic School

“Equal Opportunity was a valuable learning session for our students.  The content discussed by the facilitator was age appropriate and thought provoking.  Information from the seminar has direct the Australian Curriculum and fits perfectly within the Department of Education’s respectful schools framework and cross-curricular priorities.  The seminar could be used as a one off talk to a class or embedded within a teaching and learning unit with a particular focus on the area being studied.  Presentations would be relevant for all age groups.  Thanks to the team at Equal Opportunity, we really valued your presentations and will be in touch for further presentations next year!”

New Norfolk High School

For our Year 11 & 12 cohort knowledge about aspects of discrimination becomes particularly relevant when students are accessing jobs and participating in work placements or applying for housing etc.  We recognise that Jordan River Learning Federation students need to be aware of both their rights and responsibilities in the area of discrimination, employment, access to information, job interviews and developing a personal mantra of non-discriminatory behaviours”.

Maree Conrad Wilson, AP Years 11 &12
Jordan River Learning Federation Senior School

Online information sessions

Our Trainers are available to do online information sessions for schools, Colleges, TAFE and Universities. The online information sessions use Zoom and are live and interactive, participants require access to a desktop or laptop computer with a good internet connection.

Face-to-face information sessions

To keep participants safe, we are adhering to Public Health Advice regarding our face-to-face training, we encourage you to contact us to discuss your requirements so we can give you the most up to-date information regarding our availability.

For further information or to organise a talk for your school /college contact the training team on (03) 6165 7515 or e-mail