The following forms are available for use in accordance with the services provided by Equal Opportunity Tasmania.

Online forms

Enquiry form (online) is used to make an enquiry about discrimination and/or prohibited conduct under the Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Act 1998 or about the functions of this office. This is not a complaint form.

Report It form (online) is used to report incidents of discrimination, harassment and/or inciting hatred happening in the community.

Hard copy or printed forms

Complaint forms

Forms can be completed in languages other than English and will be translated by this office.

A complaint form is used to lodge a complaint of discrimination and/or prohibited conduct. The following formats are available:

Complaint form (pdf, 163.7 KB)

Complaint form (docx, 321.2 KB)

Report It! forms

Report It! form (pdf, 175.7 KB)

Print this out if you can not complete online.

Download and print a poster and display it in your workplace or school.

Training forms

2017 Course expressions of interest form

2017 Course registration form

Additional information on course descriptions and fees for example can be found here.

Publications order form

Publications order form

Sending forms

Options for sending completed forms

Fax: (03) 6173 0207


Mail: GPO Box 197, Hobart Tas 7001

Personal information

If you provide personal information to Equal Opportunity Tasmania it is important that you read the Personal Information Protection Statement