What exceptions are listed in the Act?

The Act lists general exceptions at sections 23-26 as:

  • actions required by law
  • disadvantaged groups and special needs
  • equal opportunities

Specific exceptions

The Act then lists specific exceptions — that is, exceptions relating to certain attributes or identities — sections 27-55:

  • gender/sex
  • family responsibilities and other attributes
  • sport and gender/sex
  • insurance and superannuation, and gender/sex or marital status
  • sporting activity and age
  • clubs for particular age groups
  • superannuation, insurance and financial services for particular age groups
  • employment based on age
  • education for persons of a particular age group
  • benefits and concessions and age
  • children requiring an adult companion
  • clubs for persons of certain race
  • employment based on race
  • cultural and religious places
  • sporting activity for persons with disabilities
  • insurance and superannuation for persons with disabilities
  • employment based on disability
  • education for persons with disabilities
  • infectious disease
  • access and provision of services
  • employment based on industrial activity
  • irrelevant criminal record in the care of children
  • employment based on religion
  • participation in religious observance
  • employment and political belief, affiliation or activity
  • legal incapacity
  • public purpose in reporting matters relating to race, disability, sexual orientation or lawful sexual activity, and religious belief or affiliation or religious activity