Workplace policies

Developing an anti-discrimination and harassment policy

It is important that employers understand why such a policy is necessary and that the policy has the approval and support of senior management.

It may be useful to consult with various interest groups within the workplace. In a larger organisation a policy could be developed by setting up a consultative committee made up of representatives from different areas/sections of the workplace.

Policies must be written clearly and in a format that all staff can understand. Different formats may be required to ensure they are accessible to everyone. Policies must also be available to employees who work offsite or in the field.

All states have their own anti-discrimination legislation.  It is important that organisations who have offices in more than one state inform and train their employees of the anti-discrimination legislation that covers them in the state in which they work.

Policies can be reviewed by our office to ensure they comply with the Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination legislation. There may be an hourly fee associated with this service.