Jireh House Association Inc

Exemption no: 18/08/033

Date granted: 12/09/2018

Date of expiry: 12/09/2021

Date advertised in Tasmanian Government Gazette: 19/09/2018

Relevant exceptions under the Act: Sections 25, 26, 27(1)(d)


This exemption was granted to permit Jireh House Association Inc to recruit and employ women only in the identified positions within the organisation on the basis that:

  • Jireh House Association Inc operates a crisis accommodation and support service for women, and women with children, who have become homeless due to domestic violence and/or other life crises; and
  • Being a women is a genuine occupational requirement of working with women who require crisis accommodation and other support services provided by Jireh House Association Inc because staff members in these roles all have regular personal contact with women escaping domestic violence (where the perpetrator is usually male).