Client testimonials

'The session was a real eye-opener and a lot of useful information was shared.

The activity really made you delve into what may or may not be bullying and to look into what the issues really are.'

Bullying, what it is, what it's not and what to do about it. Optia Incorporated, March 2013

'I recently attended the 'Train the Trainer' course presented by Roz and Louise. There is no doubt you would already know that both are skillful, passionate, engaging and incredibly knowledgeable trainers. They are truly an asset to your team.

Their style of delivery, and the way in which this course was structured and of course presented, makes it one of the best trainings I've ever attended.

With a renewed confidence, I'm energised and looking forward to rolling out training to our workforce.'

Train the Trainer. Joshua Bowring, Veranto, February 2013

'Louise, your passion for what you do is clear and you provided a great overview for our class on anti-discrimination. The ethos of your workplace as you describe it is enviable.

I look forward to taking the principles you shared today into any future work I do as a teacher assistant''

Polytechnic Education Support class. Tasmanian Polytechnic, February 2013

I found all segments useful. Very challenging topic handled very well. Good balance between rights and responsibilities.

Really appreciated real life examples. Easier to relate to. Language used was at correct level. All terms were understood.

Made me challenge internally regarding some aspects I am seeing in the workplace at present.

NyrStar Manager training. May and June 2012