Other Media releases

Media releases

2015 - 16

22 March 2016
Communique -  Disability Justice Strategy for Tasmania Project Meetings (docx, 273.8 KB)

12 February 2016

Media release announcing the launch of the consultation on Legal recognition of sex and gender diversity in Tasmania: Options for amendments to the Births, Deaths and Marriages Act 1999.

18 December 2015
Statement from the Anti-Discrimination Commissioner in relation to the complaint made by Martine Delaney about the booklet, Don’t Mess With Marriage. (docx, 472.0 KB)

3 December 2015
Tasmanians continue to showcase their unwavering commitment to Human Rights (doc, 57.0 KB)

10 November 2015
Equal Opportunity Tasmania (DOCX, 35.1 KB)

2014 - 15

Commissioner welcomes abolition of mandatory medical assessments of older drivers (DOC, 44.5 KB)

Redressing past wrong: expunging historic criminal records for consensual homosexual sexual activity (DOC, 43.0 KB)

2013 - 14

Amendments improve discrimination processes and protections (DOC, 42.0 KB)

Forty years in support of Aboriginal Rights (DOC, 41.5 KB)

‘Racism. It stops with me’ signing of the pledge  (DOC, 42.5 KB)

2012 - 13

Report It! (DOC, 46.0 KB)

Launch of the Anti-Discrimination Commissioner’s Annual Report 2011-12 (DOC, 45.0 KB)

Join Jackson Bird in taking the Pledge to stop racism  (DOC, 46.5 KB)

2011 - 12

Commissioner welcomes removal of barriers to older drivers (DOC, 43.5 KB)

Launch of the Anti-Discrimination Commissioner’s Annual Report 2010–11 (DOC, 53.0 KB)

Overdue to give people with disability a fair go in work (DOC, 44.0 KB)

Congratulations to Tasmania’s People of Australia Ambassadors (DOC, 44.0 KB)

Using social media to promote women’s rights (DOC, 45.0 KB)

Join the Harmony (DOCX, 369.7 KB)

Race Relations Round Table Communique (DOC, 43.5 KB)

Celebrating Idaho Day – International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia (DOC, 48.5 KB)